Geoportal of NULES of Ukraine

EO-1 EO-1 Project’s objective is the development of information technologies for collecting ground measurements within test sites for assessing agricultural crops state that meet international standards for geospatial information sharing. These technologies also include a distributed information system that enables acquisition, processing and storage of Earth observation data from space. The system provides access to both raw remote sensing images and generated products through a JECAM portal. The portal also is an entry point for in situ measurements within a JECAM test site in Ukraine. These ground measurements are used for EO-based products generation (such as crop maps, biophysical parameters maps, etc.) and validation.

Current project results include:

  1. The developed information system that enables acquisition, processing, storing and access to satellite data within the Agricultural Monitoring System.
  2. The geospatial database that holds ground measurements for the experimental test site of NULES of Ukraine "Agronomic Experimental Station", which is a part of the JECAM Ukraine test site.
  3. The project’s website which is the Ukrainian part of the JECAM portal (


mobility, convenience and easy to use

The efficiency of agricultural companies depends on available information about the state of crops, ability to systematically analyze effects of activities on the fields and respond quickly to the situation in the fields. The use of satellite data can greatly improve company's level of control..

Advantages of the geoportal

  • The ability to work and get information for a specific period of time;
  • Flexible configuration of dynamic layers and products based on existing geospatial information;
  • User friendly Web-interface and visualization tools.
  • Mobility: the ability to use geoportal via multiple devices.

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